Acts 6.1-7-The First Deacons

Acts 6.1-7

1-6     The first internal crisis facing the early church is found in direct contrast to the preceding chapters. Whereas God called the church to take care of the poor, widowed, and orphaned, and the church evidenced this in chapters four and five, they make the accusation of the opposite in chapter six. The church comprised Jewish believers from Israel (Hebraic Jews) and Jewish believers beyond the borders of Israel (Hellenistic Jews). The latter accused the former of not taking care of the widows. The grandest observation is the gesture the Hebraic Jews gave to the Hellenistic Jews. The created seven positions, called deacons, for serving and taking care of the poor, widowed, and orphaned. They gave the seven positions to the Hellenistic Jews. Paul would later define the qualifications of deacons (1 Timothy 3.8-13) but is presented here as believers who act with wisdom.

7        This was a tool God used to grow His church. Opposition can either destroy a church or be used by God to grow it. What makes the difference is who gets the glory. If we are attempting to make a name for ourselves, the church may be destroyed. If we seek to give God glory, He will grow the church. This decision so impressed those in Jerusalem that even priests were coming to salvation.

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